Şevket Başev

Şevket Başev is one of Turkey’s leading investment bankers in mergers and acquisitions. Başev started his career in M&A advisory in Istanbul after completing his education in finance and competition law in France. Throughout his career, Başev carried out about 120 mergers and acquisitions transactions, 34 of which he did so single handedly. According to Mergermarket League Tables Şevket Başev is the top investment banker with the highest number of closed deals in the past 15 years in Turkey and 3 Seas Capital Markets, founded by Mr. Basev, is listed as the financial institution with the highest number of completed transactions.


Şevket Başev graduated from American Collegiate Institute in 1993. Having completed his Bachelor’s Degree in 1998 at Marmara University, at Department of Public Administration, in Economics and Finance in French, Basev received his postgraduate education at Sorbonne University, at Department of International Economics Law in France and master's degree in the European Union Department of Galatasaray University.


In 2003, Başev founded 3 Seas Capital Partners, which is now the leading financial institution in Turkey in the field of mergers and acquisitions (M&A). In 2004, very early in his career, Başev was listed amongst the 15 most successful investment bankers in Eastern Europe by Euromoney, one of Europe's most respected business and economy outlet. Başev also served as the Chairman to the Board of Directors and CEO of IMAP (International M&A Partnership), an international partnership constituted by leading global finance companies. Başev has more than 20 years of experience acress diverse consulting services:

•    Competition Law,
•    Investment Law,
•    Mergers, Acquisitions and Partnerships,
•    Contract Negotiations,
•    Corporate Finance and Financial Structuring

3 Seas Capital Partners

3 Seas Capital Partners is the leading financial organization of Turkey in the field of company merger and acquisition (M&A). 3 Seas Capital Partners, having carried out 120 transactions with a total size of over 7 billion dollars in company mergers and acquisitions, since 2007 based on the number of transactions it has continued its leadership role every year among all financial institutions in Turkey and It has managed to be among the top 100 financial institutions in the world to complete the most transactions.

Şevket Başev, as the founder of 3 Seas Capital Partners, contributed to the completion of several transactions such as : Sale of majority shares of Do-car Fleet Leasing to Kuwait-based The International Investor; sale of minority shares of Mynet to New York based investment fund Tiger Global, as one of Turkey's large-scale Internet sector transactions; acquisition of Desas Fleet Leasing, a subsidiary of Esas Holding, by Do-car;  acquisition of Kumport, one of Turkey’s largest ptivate ports, by Fiba Holding  and Turkon Holding partnership; Acquisition of Mata Automotive, business partner of world brands such as Tesla, Aston Martin, Jaguar, Bentley, by FarInvest; Acquisition of Bossa, one of the oldest companies of Sabancı Holding, by Akkardan; and Fiba Holding becoming a partner of Florence Nightingale Hospitals.

Multinet Up

As the CEO of 3 Seas Capital Partners, Şevket Başev served as the lead advisor to France based Up Group (then Chèque Déjeuner), one of the three top corporate and public benefits providers worldwide, in their acquisition of Multinet in Turkey, Si Vale in Mexico, Planvale in Brazil in 2010. Shortly after assisting Up Group with said acquisitions, Başev signed an equal partnership agreement with Up Group with a 50 percent share in Multinet Up and was appointed Chairman to the Multinet Up Board of Directors. 

After taking on the management, Başev, aimed to transform Multinet Up from a food card company into a leading fintech (financial technology) group with technology and start-up investments and to this end he has implemented numerous innovative applications and completed acquisitions that propelled the group forward on its path. As a result, today, Multinet Up has a consolidated annual turnover of approximately 5.5 billion TL, has direct contact with more than 200,000 legal entities and 2 million users, and manages Turkey’s largest closed-loop payments infrastructure system. Multinet Up provides benefits to corporates, employees and merchants across a plethora of services such as as MultiNet meal allowance, MultiGift rewards & incentives, MultiPetrol fuel expense management, MultiTravel corporate travel platform, MultiAvantaj procurement platform, MultiPay - mobile wallet and MultiPOS - mPOS both of which were the firsts in the meal allowance vertical. As a ecosytem manager, Multinet Up facilitates mutual value creation among stakeholders through its advanced technological infrastructure and diversified industry presence such as B2C services and virtual payments. With the leadership and vision of Şevket Başev paired with the succesful acquisition and integration of several key companies in technology and payments space, Multinet Up has become a leading fintech group in Turkey. 


As the Chairman to the Board of Directors, Şevket Başev facilitated the acquisition of Turkey's first online payment services provider with various services such as virtual pos, payment by link, social media sales, online collections of revenues and non-web collections of revenues, iPara in 2013. 

Turkey’s first payments services provider iPara, provides business partners with virtual pos and payment security control, while offering assurance and convenience with its digital wallet feature to end-users. iPara is a sector differentiator with the breadth of practical solutions it brings to e-commerce. iPara, in 2017, received a payment services provider license from the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BRSA- TR: BDDK) for new generation payment systems. Currently, it enables thousands store to receive payment by credit and debit cards with up to 12 installments.


As the Chairman to the Board of Directors, Şevket Başev facilitated the acquisition of ininal, Turkey's first non-bank backed prepaid card targeting unbanked and underbanked individuals in 2016. The new generation payment platform ininal was established in 2012 to provide basic financial services to both individual and corporate customers. ininal meets its customers at more than 20 thousand locations as well as through its wallet application for smartphones. Enabling digital banking services addressable to 25 million unbanked individuals in Turkey, ininal received its e-money liccense from the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BRSA- TR: BDDK) allowing it to extend financial services to individuals, corporates as well as API services to startups. Fully integrated with ICC (Interbank Card Center) and ICC Express, Turkey's most accessible and user friendly financial tool, ininal offers Visa assurance.


As the Chairman to the Board of Directors, Şevket Başev enabled the foundation of inventiv in 2016 as a seperate technology subsidiary of Multinet Up Group. İnventiv’s expertise is focused on card and non-card payment methods, mobile payment and mobile application solutions and cyber security as well as tailored closed loop payment solutions both domestically and internationally. inventiv’s mission as a technology solutions provider is to design business models, products and services that add value to its stakeholders while offering high quality service and customer satisfaction.

Private Life

Şevket Başev is married to Hande Ocak, a management and digital marketing consultant in Turkey and England with Quattro Business Consulting and WSI Digital Marketing Services. Şevket and Hande have two children; a girl and a boy.

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